Thursday, January 26, 2017

Just Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Trevor Esau owns and operates Just Group (Just Community Development). Over the past 10 years we have done a wide variety of community development projects. Many of the projects have been completed through a community partnership process involving private, public and non-profit partners.  Scroll down through the posts for links and information about a sample of past projects and activities. Contact Trevor at

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Teamwork Training Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Trevor Esau and Anna Miller-Mather
 Congratulations Anna and Ryan! 
The 25th anniversary  was of particular interest as Just Group's Trevor Esau  was part of the start-up of Teamwork Training.  The initials T E in TEAM stand for Trevor Esau ( A M stands for Anna Miller-Mather).   They started the company together in 1992 (Photo is of  Anna and Trevor at Teamwork Training's 20th Anniversary event, in 2012). 

Teamwork Training is a career and employment agency serving southern Alberta.It is funded by the Governments of Alberta and Canada.  Over the 25 years, Teamwork has assisted 25,000 Albertans in a wide variety of career and employment services and  has an 83% participant employment success rate after 6 months. 

Teamwork expanded to include the award winning Select Recruiting. Ryan Miller has taken  over the ownership of the company as Anna moves into semi-retirement. For more information go to ; Select People Solutions

Lethbridge Community Foundation Consulting Projects

Community Foundation of Lethbridge and 
Southwest Alberta Projects: 

Just Group was involved in three project areas with the Community Foundation:

1) Community research and recommendations regarding  the rural Community Micro-Loan pilot in partnership with the Southern Alberta Community Loan Fund 

2) Development of the Moving Forward Program:  A program for charities in southwestern Alberta to assist people in their efforts to move toward an improved quality of life 

3) Vital Signs Management: Develop the Vital Signs program for the Foundation

For more information on the Foundation, visit: 
 Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Labour Market Information Research and Analysis for Lethbridge and South West Alberta

Just Group provided Lethbridge and southwest Alberta labour market research and  analysis for for the company Labour Market Information Resources (LMIR).   Services include labour market information (LMI) research, analysis, commentaries, writing, and reports.   Funded by the Alberta Department of Employment and Immigration.

Results of the research are published on posts and in publications on  a one-stop gateway to Lethbridge and southwest Alberta's labour market information.  This provided the  public with electronic access to the local LMI and  job search publications.    

 WOW — what a great resource!!! I have bookmarked the link to LMI Gateway
                 & to your site as well – so thanks for the heads up! I think the Gateway is a
                 great resource – for practitioners and students/clients alike. I will certainly
                 promote the resource! 
                                                 Heather, U of L Career Counsellor, Provincial Board
                                                 Member, Career Development Association of Alberta

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trevor Esau Leaves the Alberta Provincial Government Employment after 20 Years

Trevor Esau worked for the Alberta Career and Employment Departments of the Alberta Provincial Government for 20 years.  In that time he was a career consultant (academic advisor, vocational rehabilitation counsellor, Student Finance Board counsellor).

 In the last 10 years he managed career, employment, and skills training contracts between the Provincial Government and school boards, private agencies, private businesses, and post-secondary institutions.  One of his contracts won the Conference Board of Canada's Business, Education and Community Partnership award. This contract included partnerships with 5 school jurisdictions, 2 Band boards of education, 2 post-secondary institutions and numerous non-profit and private businesses. He was also on the Campus Alberta Advisory Committee for the Master of Counselling Degree program. 

Trevor was also the area Labour Market Partnership Coordinator responsible for working with local business on labour market issues including the research and publication of  numerous local labour market information products.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Teachers in Transition Manual

Just Group has researched and written publications for Professional In Transition (PIT) and welcome professionals to review the resources as part of  their own  PIT Stop as they investigate a career transition.

We have a Teachers in Transition Manual  resource available.

It is being updated and will be uploaded here.  In the meantime, if you are interested you can review the current manual here  Teachers Career Transition Manual or email the author Trevor Esau at for details..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Group Partnered with the Lethbridge Hurricanes: Lethbridge Maple Leafs 60 Anniversary Project: Part 2

Tom Wood and Nap Milroy
dropping the puck at the ceremonial
Just Group partnered with the WHL's Lethbridge Hurricanes  as part of the Lethbridge Maple Leaf anniversary project.  The Hurricanes celebrated the 60th Anniversary with a replica jersey night in a WHL league game. They promoted our site as part of their promotional activities and events and their replica jersey auction.

We would also like to acknowledge the promotion of our site by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), Bob Nicholson's support at Hockey Canada, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.These hockey bodies promoted our site through their social media sites!

Tom Wood and Darcen Esau
In addition, Hockey Hall of Fame's Phillip Pritchard supported our site by sending us HHOF photos for the site and making this poster! Click on: HHOF to see our post about HHOF's involvement.

Two  members of the 1951 Lethbridge Maple leafs were at the game.  Darcen Esau had the opportunity to have a conversation with Tom Wood, pictured below.  Later Tom wrote a personal  account and we posted it with his permission.

To read both posts click on:  1) Tom Wood and a Few Stories   2) An Insider Story by Tom Wood

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lethbridge Maple Leaf Anniversary Project Part 1

1951 World Champion Lethbridge
Maple Leafs
Just Group started the Lethbridge Maple Leaf anniversary project to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Lethbridge Maple Leafs world championship victory in Paris, France in 1951.We have tried to capture the story of the Lethbridge Maple Leafs and provide a site to post stories, documents, links and photos of their incredible journey to the championship.
Since launching the project we have completed 85 posts and have had over 25,000 visitors to the site from all over the world.
Go to:

If you're a hockey fan, you will discover a real treasure. The people who put it together deserve a real pat on the back. We don’t spend nearly enough time remembering our past and this website is marvellous. Just want to compliment you on the Lethbridge Maple Leafs site. What a remarkable job you folks have done with this.  Well done!        Gregg Drinnan, Sports Editor, Kamloops Daily News

Nap Milroy and Trevor Esau
The Galt Museum and Archives displayed their Lethbridge Maple Leaf artifacts as part of the backdrop to the Lethbridge Hurricanes press conference announcing their tribute to the Maple Leafs with a replica jersy night during a WHL league game.  Pictured is Just Group's Trevor Esau and world champion Maple Leaf Nap Milroy.  Trcvor had the privilege of discussing the team with "Nap".

Hockey History Project Currently Being Updated!

Add caption
Note:  This site
 is currently being updated.

Lanny McDonald and John Davidson
as members of the Lethbridge
Sugar Kings 
Photo Courtesy of the

Just Group started our hockey history project,,  dedicated to researching and preserving historical hockey stories and memories as they relate to our cultural heritage. Since the start of the project we have posted 80 posts and had almost 72,000 visitors to the site.

Hockey is a vital part of the development of our rural and urban communities and ties us together internationally as part of an amazing common heritage. This site is dedicated to preserving our hockey heritage.

Peace Symbol 50th Anniversary Project

In 2008, Just Group marked the 50th anniversary of the Peace Symbol in two ways:   

 1)  Produced a brief history of the peace symbol "Just In Time" discussion  paper. To access click on:  History of the Peace Symbol  

 2)  Completed the "Peace Garden Sculpture Project" :  This temporary exhibit  was completed at Waterton Lakes International Peace Park (Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park and United States Glacier National Park) on the top of the Carthew Ridge. The Peace Garden was exhibited on the ridge at 2310 meters after an  8 km hike to the  crest.   

 In 1932, the United States and Canada joined together to create the world’s first International Peace Park: Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (WGIPP). At the time of inscription, the peace park commemorated the peace and goodwill our two nations share. Read more at:

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park: A World Heritage Site

Photo Journal of John McEwen Sculptures in Alberta and the Photography of Sculpture

Just Group believes public sculpture is a vital part of the development of our communities.
This ongoing project is designed, first is to bring attention to the role of sculpture in community development through a photo journal of  John McEwen's Alberta sculptures.  McEwen is known for,” his substantial, enduring contributions to Canadian arts and the cultural ecology and quality of life in communities in Canada and beyond”. McEwen’s idea that “culture and ecology are inextricably linked” is a theme closely associated with the community development interests of Just Group.

Add caption
The second goal of this project is as a forum to explore the fascinating subject area of “The Photography of Sculpture”.

Additional information on his sculptures and the themes of the site are included in the posts.

 The complete project site may be visited by clicking on:  The Public Sculptures of John Mcewen

Grain Elevator History Project

Just Group initially launched the grain elevator history project in 2008 as " The Biography of a Grain Elevator".
Grain elevators are disappearing fast! Many people have only known and admired the grain elevator from a distance, on the horizon. The grain elevator and elevator agent project started as a way of preserving the history of the grain elevator through electronic media by researching and  posting pictures, artifacts, documents, information, links, stories, first-hand accounts, and video, Just Group hopes to present a complete intimate, virtual biography of the grain elevator, just in time, before it is forgotten.

While the research and project are continuing, , the initial web site is now undergoing changes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Group Present Keynote Address to Lethbridge Family Services Annual Meeting

Just Group's Trevor Esau
Delivering the Keynote Address
On September 15, 2008, Trevor delivered the Lethbridge Family Services Annual General Meeting key note address at the Galt Museum Atrium, entitled: The History and Impact of Lethbridge Family Service’s Leadership Role in Suicide Prevention.

This address highlighted the research Just group completed as part of their Suicide Prevention History Project. For all of the research results and final report go to:

Just wanted to fire off a quick note of thanks for your awesome
presentation last night. We discussed it at the Board Meeting
                                                          afterwards and they were thrilled with your work.
                                                                              Dave Adams, Executive Director, Lethbridge Family Services

To view the research specific to Lethbridge Family Services go to:  Just in Time: Lethbridge Family Services: The Development of the Suicide Prevention Program, 1982-1987

Career Transition Manual for Teachers

Trevor Esau of Just Group has researched and written publications for Professional In Transition (PIT) and welcome professionals to review the information as part of a PIT Stop as they investigate a career transition.

We have a Teachers in Transition Manual.  It is being updated and the next edition will be uploaded here.  In the meantime, review the current manual at Career Transitions for Teachers if you are interested or  email Trevor at for details.

Suicide Prevention History Part 2: Completion, Highlights, and Suicide Prevention Day

Trevor Esau presents
the Project Final Reprot to
CMHA Executive Director,
 Deborah Chennery
Just Group in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada timed the completion of the Suicide Prevention History Project to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day. Just Group participated in the day by donating the artifacts and documents from the research project to the Galt Museum and Archives (a partner in the project).

What partner Canadian Mental Health said of the project:

Trevor Esau presents the project
artifacts and documents to Galt Museum
 Archivist, Greg Ellis as part of
World Suicide Prevention Day 
I am pleased to write this letter of reference on behalf of Justgroup for the exceptional work that was achieved in the writing of the history of suicide prevention in our area. Justgroup was extremely thorough and professional in their approach to researching and documentation of this history.  The Foundation that funded the cost of the project was extremely pleased with the resulting information and website and we are very pleased that this new learning tool will be available to communities at large.

                       Deborah Chenery
                       Executive Director ,    
                       Canadian Mental Health Association/ South Region 

World Suicide Prevention Day is a project of the International Association for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention History Project 2008- 2011 Part 1: Project and Partners

On Mat 14, 2008, Trevor Esau presented  the
 Suicide Prevention History Project
to the Lethbridge Community Foundation's
Press Conference and Grant Awards Ceremony
Just Group's first project was a community partnership (see partners below) to research the suicide prevention history project.  The results of the project may be viewed at:  This site is a mechanism for education,  awareness, instant archiving, and communication about people, events, artifacts, and practices that make up the rich international heritage of suicide prevention.  Please visit this site to view the pictures, artifacts, written documents and the final report. This site is evolving to be a used to encourage others in the international suicide prevention community to research, record and document their own suicide prevention history.
Suicide Prevention History Project Partners:


Additional partners were:  Lethbridge Family Services and the Galt Museum and Archives

The Start of Just Group - 2007

Just Group was started in May, 2007 after a meeting held at the University of Lethbridge in the Howard Tennat conference room on the 11th floor of the library. The concept discussed was a need for a mechanism to complete community development projects.   A plan of action was developed and recorded.

Photo on left is of Darcen Esau and Trevor Esau walking around city hall in Edmonton, AB July,2007, looking at the sculptures:  They were discussing the concept of Just Group-the next day they went on a tour of roadside attractions.  This photo is the exact moment they discussed  Just Group for the first time!